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We Are Your Way In To The Australian Market

Gaining access to the Australian market can be difficult for both international and local brands with new and emerging products. Australian businesses are always on the search for innovative products that they know will drive market and category growth, but gaining trust and buy-in from key industry decision markets is always a challenge. Audimport has well-established relationships with all the largest distributors and retailers in Australia built over the course of years of experience in the market. Currently importing from countries all over the globe, with a portfolio extending across multiple consumer categories, Audimport understands what it takes to create successful partnerships, to dive into what is looking for and to commit to going above and beyond to drive mutual project profitability.


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248 New Cleveland Rd, Tingalpa QLD 4173 - Aus

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PO Box 4277,        Gumdale QLD 4154 - Aus

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