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How to Import to Australia

There are obvious choices when you want to source new products. In this site, we’ll guide you through what you need to do to identify, source, and import goods from around the world to sell them in Australia.



As an Australian-based business, you’ve undoubtedly thought about expanding your national appeal. The things is, manufacturing in Australia can be very expensive, especially if you’re doing it yourself. Specialised tooling, custom design, prototyping and more can be costly — and that’s risky if you don’t completely understand the market for your product. 

In many cases, a better solution is to import unusual or inexpensive products from elsewhere. That way you’re not spending enormous amounts of money at once and you can test the market before making a larger commitment. There are many countries to choose from if you want to source new products.

But how do you import goods?

Brand Identity

When you begin a branding project, you want to approach each phase from a philosophical and highly critical standpoint—inspect, poke, and prod until you get to the core of your brand. 

Whether you’re building your brand identity entirely from scratch or updating a stale identity, you need a full assessment of:

  • The current state of your brand’s identity
  • How that brand identity might be crafted or tweaked to align with your goals going forward

The goal is to understand how your brand is perceived, both internally and externally. Getting an honest and accurate reflection is the only way to understand how and where you’re succeeding or how you need to course correct.

Business Strategy

Conventional business logic is that when you’re starting something new, you create a ‘Minimal Viable Product’ or MVP. Essentially that means that you create a version of your product that is very light in terms of functionality, but just about ‘gets the job done’. It also means that the first version of your product usually has to be sold at a fairly low starting price, both to compensate for its lack of features, and to generate interest in a new launch.

Some organizations (including many small startups) take this concept even further and launch the first version of their product completely free of charge, with a plan to ‘monetize’ later on once they’ve added more features and feel confident that people will be willing to pay money for what they’re offering

Generating New Ideas &

Selling your product

Once you’ve received your goods, market them and offer them for sale. Continue to research your markets, source goods, and sell them onwards at a profit, Good luck!


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

We don’t do average. We do the best possible work for clients who care about their businesses. With more than 45 years of combined experience, we have grown from humble beginnings to an established Brisbane import management solution business.

We can do the heavy lifting 

We examine your requirements, competitors and customers to find the best strategy fit and carefully define the tasks to ensure accurate costs and timeframes.

Exporting to an international market can be difficult. There are lots of areas you’ll need to consider, regulations you’ll need to follow and costs you’ll need to pay. It’s vital that you and your business has the capacity, commitment, expertise and resources to pursue exporting outside Australia.

Some areas to think about:

  • Australian rules and regulations on export.
  • Rules on import, tariffs and taxes for the country you’re exporting to.
  • The costs of exporting – Logistics, shipping, freight handling, travel, insurance and more.
  • The division of responsibility between you and any importers.
  • Market research to understand demand in another country.
  • Costs of modifying products for the new market.
  • Planning all the areas you’ll need to cover for export.

A see through Process

Our workflow and experience ensures there are no surprises. Timely feedback and revisions will keep your project on track.

We get to the heart of your brand and create a market identity that works wherever your customers are found.

We work with you and turn customer insights into opportunities.

Refresh or create your brand with a unique voice and apply it across market spaces to connect with your and clients.

  • Branding – 90%
  • Research – 77%
  • Interface – 85%

visibility is now more important than ever

We can rapidly respond to clients needs, particularly in times of crisis, and engage the supply base to meet customer demand.







The good new is that there is plenty of support from the Australian Government. Here are the main points of contact for importers & exporters:


Australian Border Force

EFIC – Finance for Australian Exporters

There is also the Export Council of Australia which is a not-for-profit organisation.

explore and use all the resources available 

AusTrade was setup by the Australian government to give Australian businesses access to all the knowledge, support and resources they need to get ready to export goods. There’s a wealth of information available on AusTrade’s website including downloadable guides, tools and resources so you can cover all the essential areas. These include:

The information in these guides is excellent, and you should spend time studying them in detail so you can understand the various nuances of international trade.

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